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1 day ago, Ashley Judd
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Glad to have you, Paul!
2 days ago, Ashley Judd
Paul Middleton
SESC's Tori Anders presented "Analyzing Student Learning: Putting Data Into Action" at North Laurel High School on Friday. In the afternoon, SESC consultants facilitated a workshop where teachers used their own student data. #sesccoop #servingyou
6 days ago, Ashley Judd
North Laurel teachers work in groups
North Laurel works in Analyzing Student Learning
Tori Anders assists teachers in group work
SESC was proud to connect with Digital Learning Coaches from across our region at the @KentuckyDLC monthly meeting for regions 6, 7, and 8. @KyDeptofEd Laura Raganas lead coaches through the 4 Shift protocol as a way to harness #deeperlearning ! #sesccoop #servingyou
9 days ago, Ashley Judd
Region 6, 7, 8  DLC Regional Meeting
Our registration site is temporarily unavailable. We should have it up and running again very soon.
9 days ago, Renee Hibbard
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❗️❗️JOIN US❗️❗️ Counselor's Cadre September 13th 9:00-11:00
10 days ago, Ashley Judd
SESC Counselor's Cadre
Beginning teachers from across the region, as part of the Beginning Teacher Institute, participated in specialized training: "Recipes for a Successful School Year" at the Garland Building in Laurel County. #sesccoop #servingyou
10 days ago, Ashley Judd
BTI Participants work in groups
BTI Participants work in groups
BTI Participants work in groups
BTI Participants work in groups
Districts came together for their monthly Deeper Learning meeting. Rick Fisher lead groups through training from the Thoughtful Classroom, a central part of deeper learning. Angie Keene and Renee Hibbard then lead teams through coaching protocol to help with their programs of choice. Deeper Learning initiatives are coming into full swing across our region. #sesccoop #servingyou
16 days ago, Ashley Judd
Deeper Learning regional meeting
deeper learning regional meeting
Thoughtful classroom
It was a packed house for the SESC September Board Meeting. Superintendents from across the region came together to discuss the issues impacting education. We appreciate all the support from our superintendents and partners! #sesccoop #servingyou
16 days ago, Ashley Judd
Executive director and chairman of the board
SESC Staff
SESC September Board Meeting
Liz Hubbard and Sarah Shaffer worked with the District Implementation Team and Building Implementation Team on NCTM's Effective Math Teaching Practices 1 and 2 on August 31 as a part of Year 2 with Active Implementation in Corbin Independent Schools. #sesccoop #servingyou
18 days ago, Ashley Judd
Corbin teachers work on group acitivity
Corbin teachers are trained on math practices
working on group activities
Sarah Watkins works on group activity
SESC consultants Rhonda Bryant and Judy Winkler spent time during planning period meetings reviewing clarity with North Laurel High School teachers and principals. It was a great day of learning with the focus on how clarity impacts student achievement!
19 days ago, Ashley Judd
Rhonda Bryant leads North Laurel  teachers
working in group activity
North Laurel teachers work together
❗️❗️IN-PERSON TRAINING OPPORTUNITY❗️❗️ Understanding the Framework for Social Studies and Inquiry Practices on Thursday, November 10 at the SESC small training room from 8:30-3:30. Register here:
19 days ago, Ashley Judd
Social Studies Professional Learning Flyer
❗️❗️IN PERSON TRAINING OPPORTUNITY❗️❗️ Understanding the Social Studies KAS and Inquiry Practices for Social Studies on November 7th 8:30- 3:30 at Somerset High School. Register Here: #sesccoop #servingyou
20 days ago, Ashley Judd
Social Studies Professional Learning Opportunity flyer
50- Option 6, beginning teachers were trained by a host of SESC consultants in the 1st annual Beginning Teacher Institute: Bootcamp, hosted at the Garland Building in Laurel County. Teachers were trained in classroom essentials to equip them for a successful year. #sesccoop
23 days ago, Ashley Judd
Tori Anders leads beginning teachers
Connie Brookins teaches BTI participants
BTI participants work in group activities
participants work in group activities
Welcome to the team, Rachel!
25 days ago, Ashley Judd
Rachel Grider introduction
SESC Math Consultants Sarah Shaffer and Liz Hubbard trained Corbin Independent's Active Implementation District and School teams on the Effective Math Teaching Practices on Aug. 31.
25 days ago, Ashley Judd
Participant working with manipulatives
participants working with manipulatives
Sarah Shaffer works with group
❗️❗️IN-PERSON TRAINING OPPORTUNITY❗️❗️ TWO LOCATIONS: Rockcastle: 09/26 from 9 to 4 @ Rockcastle County Teaching and Learning Center (across from the Rockcastle County Board of Education). Bell County: 11/07 from 9 to 4 @ Bell County Transportation Building. This sub-regional training will follow Kentucky Department of Education's Multi-Tiered System of Supports training model. It could serve as a refresher to exiting efforts or help with training new members of your team. Additionally, if you are a teacher and want in on the MTSS action and hype, plan on joining us! MTSS is not just for administrators! Networking, coaching and additional supports will be provided to districts as a follow-up to this session.
26 days ago, Ashley Judd
MTSS Overview flyer
❗️❗️ZOOM TRAINING OPPORTUNITY❗️❗️ 09/08 via Zoom from 9 to 11. This training will provide an overview of the TFI (Tiered Fidelity Inventory) for Implement of Fidelity for PBIS. This training will also provide an overview of how to use PBIS Apps to enter TFI scores and review reports. Participants will be guided through both the TFI and PBIS Apps during the training. Register here:
26 days ago, Ashley Judd
TFI & PBIS Apps Training
❗️❗️IN-PERSON TRAINING ALERT❗️❗️ Minding the Gap for Social Studies September 6b. 3:30-6:30 @ McCreary County Middle School #sesccoop #servingyou
30 days ago, Ashley Judd
Minding the Gap for Social Studies flyer
SESC staff participated in a second round of training on Curriculum Development Process with KDE. #sesccoop #servingyou
about 1 month ago, Ashley Judd
Leah Marcum and Tori Anders work during group time
SESC group table