Dr. Jason Reeves, CEO Program Lead-SESC; Dr. Vic Adams, SKCTC President/CEO; Kay Dixon, SESC Executive Director; and Dr. Kevin Lambert, SKCTC Vice President of Academic Affairs

Leaders at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKCTC) have announced their intent to partner with Southeast/South-Central Educational Cooperative (SESC) to address a growing need for teachers in Southeastern Kentucky.

“Through our combined leadership, we look forward to creating pathways and providing early college opportunities for highly qualified future teachers,” said Southeast President Vic Adams. “We know that working together with local school systems, we can help identify students with an aptitude and enthusiasm for teaching and become part of a movement to ‘Grow our Own.’ We feel that these efforts will go far to help build an important sector of our workforce.“

According to SESC Executive Director Kay Dixon, “SESC is committed to helping our P-12 school districts develop and foster innovative ways to address the teacher shortage facing our region. A partnership with SKCTC to offer an approved KDE Teaching and Learning Pathway for area schools is the first of many things to come.”