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POSTING  DATE: 8/11/22

Position Title:  Professional Growth Partners for Beginning Teachers

Reports to Executive Director or designee

One of the goals of SESC Cooperative is to recruit and retain high-quality teachers.  The teacher shortage is reflected in the increased number of new teachers, with many of this group being alternatively certified. This position will assist the beginning teacher to discover classroom success and workplace satisfaction.

SESC Beginning Teacher Induction Program (BTI) is designed to support beginning teachers through a system of professional learning, including consulting, training, mentoring, coaching, and implementation of problems of practice.

What is a Professional Growth Partner (PGP)?

A Professional Growth Partner is someone who has served in a teaching role similar role as the beginning teacher and serves as a model of the teacher’s role in education. The relationship between a PGP and the beginning teacher is one of trust to allow for guidance and advising through open and shared communication.

An effective PGP “cultivates relational trust, caring, mutual respect, and honesty with the beginning teacher to build ownership, solve problems, and foster beginning teacher agency, resilience, and commitment to the success of every student. “Selection of a person to serve as PGP begins with identifying the following traits that an educator may have exhibited or that can be shared.

Required Qualifications:  

  • Master’s Degree in Education and valid KY teaching certificate required.

  • Minimum of 5 years of successful teaching experience.

  • Ability to work with teachers to design, expand and evaluate student learning.

  • Provide consulting, mentoring, and coaching on the foundations of pedagogy.

  • Ability to identify, access, and use existing resources to support the beginning teacher.

  • Demonstrate a growth mindset with peers and students

  • Develops and continuously pursues professional growth goals

  • Continually informed by teacher data and student learning data

  • Understand adult learning theory and how this differs from pedagogy

  • Collects and analyzes data of practice to inform instructional decisions that will improve the academic, social, and emotional learning of every student

  • Builds collaborative partnerships

  • Advocate for equitable outcomes for every student.

  • Promotes the development of optimal learning environments

  • Ensures that every student has access to rigorous, standards-aligned content

  • Demonstrates knowledge of research-based practices that create emotionally, intellectually, and physically safe classroom environments

  • Cultivate relational trust, caring, mutual respect, and honesty with other teachers

  • Uses clear communication

  • Able to travel to a beginning teacher's classroom for planning and discussion during the teachers’ planning and instructional time and respond to phone calls and emails promptly in response to the teacher or program needs.

  • Attend meetings and trainings to learn and problem-solve solutions related to the program.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience presenting to adult audiences

  • Ability to work independently within program guidelines

  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to be a team player with the ability to promote positive public relations with state, regional, district, and partners

  • Ability to understand new issues quickly and make wise decisions

  • Ability to inspire confidence and create trust

  • Ability to work under pressure and plan personal workload effectively

  • Flexible and a self-starter

  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to SESC’s mission

Primary Responsibilities of a PGP

  • Provide consulting, mentoring, and coaching services to beginning teachers based on the pedagogies of Danielson’s Framework.

  • Assist the beginning teacher to become a reflective teacher

  • Attend training on the role of the professional growth

  • Review the beginning teacher training outcomes and resources that the teachers attend.

  • Attend subregional meetings up to 4 times throughout the year to communicate progress and needs.

  • Communication with beginning teacher frequently (approximately 4 times during the first month, 3 times during the second month, 2 times during the 3rd month, and at least once during the subsequent months). The beginning teacher may need more support, so more communication may be necessary.

  • Coach, Mentor, and Consult on problems of practice

  • Assisting the beginning teacher in identifying evidence-based strategies and the instructional steps to solve the problem of practice.

  • Maintain clear and concise documentation

Terms of Employment:  Professional Learning Partners for Beginning Teachers are not employees of SESC but are contracted to provide the services defined above.  SESC will pay the contractor for time based on their daily wage threshold as a fee for the services described.  Contractors must be available to work during the school’s instructional time as well as atypical work hours such as early morning arrival or late evening meetings. Must be able to drive to assigned schools and lift at least 25 pounds.

To apply for the position:  Send a letter of interest, resume, and teaching certificate to or mail a copy to PO Box 1777, Richmond, KY 40476-1777

POSTING  DATE: 11/14/2022

Position Title:  Transition Project Coordinator

The position of Transition Project Coordinator for the Southeast South-Central Educational Cooperative is designed to support change in a complex education system.  The Transition Project Coordinator works closely with state, regional, district, and agency partners to align resources and to develop an implementation infrastructure to support improved transition outcomes for students with disabilities in the SESC region.  This includes support with the development of a sustainable service delivery plan that ensures a cohesive framework for training, coaching, and assessment of fidelity.

 Required Qualifications:

●  Master’s degree from an accredited university

●  Valid teaching certificate

●  Minimum of 5 years of teaching experience in the field of special education 

Preferred Qualifications:

●  Dual Certification in special education and general education is strongly preferred

●  Experience in conducting professional development activities and organizing events

●  Strong knowledge of federal and state special education laws and regulations

●  Strong knowledge of evidence-based practices and specially designed instruction for students with disabilities

●  Strong knowledge base of transition resources and providers in the Southeastern Kentucky region

●  Experience with budgets and financial processes

●  Strong written and verbal communication skills, including computer skills

●  Good organizational and time-management skills

●  Ability to work independently with little direction

●  Good interpersonal skills; strong ability to promote positive public relations, both with school and community personnel and with parents

●  Ability to participate in a collaborative team effort to provide high-quality service to member districts

 Annual Contract:  Up to 200 Days

Reports To:           Director of Special Education

 Salary:                    Based on rank and experience in accordance with SESC’s salary schedule

 Evaluations:          Performed annually by the Director of Special Education 


  1. Identify, access, and use existing resources to support efforts of member districts in providing effective, evidence-based support in the area of transition to students with disabilities.

  2. Develop and provide high-quality professional learning activities and events related to transition for post-secondary for students, parents and teachers, administrators, and staff who teach students with disabilities.

  3. Support districts in the meaningful evaluation of existing programs or instructional strategies for students with disabilities to determine impact and relevance.

  4. Support districts in closing gaps and improving outcomes for students with disabilities as measured by State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report Indicators related to transition to post-secondary.

  5. Serve as a liaison between districts and SESC to determine technical assistance, coaching support, and training needs regarding transition services for students with disabilities.

  6. Provide training and technical assistance for districts on evidence-based practices and specially designed instruction, including ongoing data collection and analysis of effectiveness.

  7. Attend training, workshops, and conferences (as applicable and approved by the supervisor) to maintain awareness of current information and best practices in the field of special education.

  8. Willingness to regularly travel inside and outside the SESC region for meetings, training,    and professional development.

  9. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Special Education.

To Apply for the position send a letter of application, resume and KY Teaching Certificate to or mail a copy to 55 Waco Drive, London, KY 40741